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* Public institution refers to an institution established and operated through investment or investment by the government of the Republic of Korea or financial support from the government.

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* It cannot exceed 20MB, and only pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, hwp, gul, gif, jpg, png, zip, and txt files are allowed.

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Information on collection and use of personal information

Whybiz collects personal information from public institutions, companies, and individuals wishing to cooperate as follows.

1. Personal information items collected : [Essential] Company name, Proposer name, Phone number, Email address / [Options] Homepage address, Fax number
2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information : The purpose is to secure a means of identification and smooth communication according to the application for partnership.
3. Period of use of personal information : The proposal history will be retained for one month after all reviews have been completed, and will be discarded without delay.
4. Information on the right to refuse consent : You can reject the consent to collect personal information as above. However, if you refuse to consent, your application for partnership proposals may be restricted.
Other matters comply with the privacy policy on the Whybiz website.

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1. Whybiz will review your registered proposal and contact you once it is decided to proceed with the project..
2. Your suggestion may not be affiliated for the following reasons. Please take this into consideration and fill out only the information that can be made public.

→ Similar or identical to the business already underway internally by Whybiz
→ Third party registers partnership proposal first
→ Non-conformity with the direction and conditions of the Whybiz business at the time of review

3. Whybiz shall not bear any obligation, such as compensation or reply to the proposer for the refusal of the partnership offer.
When proposing a partnership, please exclude any trade secrets or confidential information of the proposer, or business ideas that you believe require protection.

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