We connect with the world
through technology.

Why does Whybiz do business?
It's the endless questions and posturing of.

Through whybiz, you can communicate
with the world through hyper-connectivity.

We expand the synergy between
customers and businesses through hyper-connectivity.

시너지 이미지

Whybiz, a company that develops more today
than yesterday and tomorrow more than today

  • 2023

    Agri-Food Venture Development Project Extension Evaluation Pass.

    Agri-food venture development project passed Selection of RnD Support Project for Agricultural Practicalization SUJI-IR Special Award Winner
  • 2022

    Confirmation of venture companies

    Selection of agri-food venture development projects Shinbo Startup's Next 11th generation selected German International Invention Exhibition Awarded a Bronze Award
  • 2021

    Whybiz Co., Ltd.

    Selection of initial start-up packages Establishment of a corporate research center

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  • Company establishment

    Year 2021

  • Headquarters Location

    Room 113, Changsin Building, 369 Sangdo-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

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