Soil moisture sensor that absorbs
soil moisture like plant roots

It's Whybiz's patented technology.
(Patent Num. 10-2350571)

First Step

Now is the era of the
‘4th Industrial Revolution’

Watering is very hard.

  • When?

    If dry

  • Some?


  • How?

    By hand


Everyone can grow plants easily!
Remotely check the status of farm plants
by periodically receiving data from the Hwasubun sensor

화수분 이미지
  • 01 Check soil moisture status with soil moisture sensor
  • 02 Automatic watering according to soil condition
  • 03 It can prevent root rot of plants!

System Overview

AI Water Supply System Wells is an AI system.
It tells and allows users when to water using
its own soil moisture sensor.

It can be supplied remotely using a smartphone.

  • Wireless soil moisture sensor

    서비스 시스템
  • Solar-based water supply

    서비스 시스템

QR safe parking number
that protects personal information

Protect your personal information
with SANUM QR Secure Parking Number!


It's a world where I'm afraid of exposing my personal information.
My phone number left in the car, aren't you nervous?

  • Phone numbers left on cars
    are being exposed for purposes
    such as spam and phishing.

  • Criminals are
    always looking for
    your personal information.

  • Exposing dangerous
    car phone numbers,
    don't do it anymore!

This is a great advantage if you use
the SANUM QR safe parking number!

  • 새넘 장점 아이콘

    Parking Retaliation Prevention

  • 새넘 장점 아이콘

    Voice phishing Prevention

  • 새넘 장점 아이콘

    Block spam text messages

  • 새넘 장점 아이콘

    Planning crime Prevention

  • 새넘 장점 아이콘

    Reduce Anxiety

  • 새넘 장점 아이콘

    Prevention of unauthorized collection/theft